• Open to all Malaysians 15 years old and over.
  • Participants may register individually OR as a representative of a group. There is no limit to group size or number.
  • For your information, this competition is for GEMPAK STARZ Mobile Game Creative Idea Challenge 2017 submission ONLY.
  • Fill in and submit the form in website games.gempakstarz.com to enter the competition. Should you have a working prototype of your game, you may submit that as well. Please note that sending a prototype without a proposal will NOT be accepted.
  • Competition period : 6 February - 28 APR 2017
  • Submission DEADLINE : 28 APR 2017, 23:59
  • Winner Announcement : 15 MAY 2017
  • As organiser of this competition, all Kadokawa Gempak Starz SDN BHD staffs are prohibited from taking part.
  • Submissions MUST be done on the understanding that we, KADOKAWA GEMPAK STARZ SDN BHD will reserve the right to showcase your submission and attached materials for promotional purposes.
  • By submitting an entry to our competition, and therefore competing, you hereby agree to be subject to and be bound by these terms and conditions including and and all decisions made by us, as the organiser, including any amendments, modifications and/or interpretation of the aforementioned terms and conditions.
  • Game submissions may feature any Kadokawa Gempak Starz Sdn Bhd character(s). Use of other trademarked characters will not be accepted.
  • Mature content and sensitive themes (religion, politics, etc.) is strictly prohibited.
Step 1 / Langkah 1 :
Step 2 / Langkah 2 : Fill in the form / Isikan Borang
Step 3 / Langkah 3 :
Step 4 / Langkah 4 : Wait for confirmation e-mail / Sila tunggu e-mel pengesahan.