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What exactly is AR?
Augmented Reality (AR) represents the very latest in collectible card game interface technology. It introduces an element of implied interactivity within a real world setting, made possible through the marvel of computer-generated images (CGI). 

What is the LOST LEGENDS AR collectible card game about?

LOST LEGENDS is an interactive learning application based on the popular X-Venture Xplorers; Lost Legends graphic novel series. Readers can now engage with 3-dimensional realisations of their favourite characters, and collect the complete set to get the whole gang involved!
How many LOST LEGEND AR cards are there?
In all, there are 45 unique card designs, but 60 cards in total. Each complete box contains 20 individual packs of 3 cards each.


Why are some cards picked out in gold, silver and bronze?
To distinguish them as the rarer cards in the collection. Cards with the metallic trim are differentiated from the rest of the common, more easily acquired and readily available cards by their specific foil highlights.

How does the LOST LEGENDS AR card app work?
Download the free LOST LEGENDS AR application from either the iStore, or Google play. Scan the individual code on the reverse side of any AR LOST LEGEND cards you have collected to access a 3-dimensional version of the featured character. Once each card has been unlocked, the 'camera' option becomes available, so snap away!
How can I get the app again?
The LOST LEGENDS AR application can be found at the iStore (iOS) or Google play (Android). Simply download and let the fun begin!
Are there any games I can play using these cards?
As of now, the LOST LEGENDS AR cards only offer the 3D interactive character scan option, but don't fret, new LOST LEGENDS fames are in the works! Visit for the latest updates.
How much does each each pack cost?

Each individual pack containing 3 cards costs RM3.90/ SGD 2.00, but the complete LOST LEGENDS AR card boxed set will cost RM78 / SGD 40.

Can I contact the game developers?
Yes, please proceed to

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